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Krieger’s Health Foods Market
High Quality, Low Prices, Always!

Krieger’s Health Foods Market in Cuyahoga Falls has been serving customers and families for over 50 years with high quality and low prices. It’s no wonder why your neighbors are shopping at Krieger’s Market.

Stay healthy with the amazingly large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, organic groceries, organic produce and organic eggs and milk. Also you’ll find a great selection of Amish cheeses and Amish pies. Plus Krieger’s Market has a healthy deli with delicious grass fed steaks, a variety of all natural chicken including organic, organic fish, and healthy deli meats and Ohio cheeses.

Krieger’s Market also has a wide variety of vitamins, herbs and mineral supplements.

Because at Krieger’s Market, it’s about a healthy lifestyle fueled by healthy ingredients. So stay healthy and find out why your neighbors shop at Krieger’s Market. Over 50 years of high quality and low prices, always.


Stay Healthy

Krieger’s Health Foods Market
615 Graham Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
(330) 929-2929


At the Intersection of Graham Rd.,
Wyoga Lake Rd, & Oakwood Dr.