Krieger’s Health Foods market was started in 1963 by Mike and Jean Krieger. Newly married, the couple started the market, under the name “Krieger’s Ranch Market”, as an open air roadside produce stand. Over the years thru hard work and determination, Mike and Jean Krieger grew the store from an open air roadside stand into the thriving business it is today Krieger’s Health Foods Market. Krieger’s provides a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, a wide variety of vitamins, herbs and mineral supplements, organic groceries, amish cheeses, healthy deli, grass fed steaks, organic produce and eggs, Amish pies, Ohio honey and maple syrup, etc….

Standing as a landmark in the community, the great success of the businesss is based on the philosophy of providing customers with high quality, low prices and friendly customer service. While serving customers and families for over 50 years, Krieger’s Health Foods Market will continue to provide generations to come with High quality and Low Prices!